The Playbook

The Playbook by DENY BOREDOM is Denver’s newest seasonal membership program that encourages Denverites to save money while experiencing the best the city has to offer.

Playbook subscribers receive BOGO’s ---buy one, get one--- and other deals from a mix of bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues throughout Denver’s most popular neighborhoods.

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The T-Shirt

You've asked for one, and now it's here. The DENY BOREDOM super soft fitted T-Shirt. Available in both Men's and Women's styles.

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The Sport

DENY BOREDOM is the creative team who brought you Kügelstrike! A super fun combination of Bowling and American Football. Check our calendar to see when the next tournament is or what park we will be playing in next.

Kügelstrike Calendar Coming Soon

The Team

  • Brian
  • Steven
  • Sam

About Us

DENY BOREDOM is a group who thinks putting fun-loving party people and exciting local businesses in the same room to get nuts is about the greatest thing on this planet Earth. Join us and be part of a community that aims to do only one thing: DENY BOREDOM!