Two Guys Mile High: The Buyer’s Guide For Legal Weed


So, Sam and I had another chit chat about a very sticky subject. Check it!

Steven: I’ve been in colorado for, I don’t’ know, like almost 5 years now. And it wasn’t until about 3 months ago that I first set foot in a god damned dispensary.

Sam: That’s pretty impressive. I’ve only been once since recreational weed was legal, myself and that was like 3 years ago
So we are clearly experts Continue reading “Two Guys Mile High: The Buyer’s Guide For Legal Weed”

Week in Preview 3/20/2017 – 3/26/2017


Boredom Deniers, the hour of quitting is almost upon us. Allow this pod to be cast upon thine ears, and then go forth and make this week totally kick ass. Here’s your week in preview show notes!

FOMO: How about… don’t miss out on the Craft Beer Week happenings. They’re everywhere. Should you stumble into any brewery this week, you’ll likely be neck deep in more-than-your-average beer shit. Get out, don’t miss out.

Monday: Colorado Craft Beer Week: Education Day @ Jagged Mountain

Tuesday: Ratio Quiz Show (The Office) @ Ratio Beerworks

Wednesday: KILO Presents “Red” @ Summit Music Hall

Thursday: The Cutthroat Drifters @ Larimer Lounge

Friday: SNAP! 90s Dance Party @ Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

Saturday: Hoppy Puppies: An Adoption Drive

Sunday: Sours + Swine @ Butchers Bistro

Enjoy the week! Spring is upon us and the snowiest month has been nothing but bluebird skies and ciders on patios. Get out there before winter returns. Love, ya!

Deny Boredom Podcast: Week In Preview 2/6 – 2/12

We’re back after another brief hiatus! But, for real this time, we’re back at it for good! FOMO. Weekly picks. All the things you need to know to be good at doing Denver. Get some. Here’s your week in preview!

FOMO: Yes, we were riding at Crested Butte almost all of last week. It was nice. Also, Next Door Lounge has open mic night the first Wednesday of every month.

Monday: Girl Scout Cookie and Beer Pairing @ Resolute Brewing Co.

Tuesday: Conspiracy Theories with John Tole @ Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Wednesday: Dirty Laundry Dating Show @ Ratio Beerworks

Thursday: Fuck Bingo. Thirsty Thursday Karaoke @ Local 46

Friday: Seriously don’t care about this one, because nobody listens to Tecno (credit: Eminem)

Saturday: LuvByrd Beach Party @ A-Basin

Sunday: Comedy Night @ Cap Hill Tavern

Enjoy the week! It’s been a minute, but we’re back at it again. We’re ready to bring the best that Denver has to offer, according to our palette, and we’re ready to take on what you want us to talk about. Send it in the comments. Otherwise, see ya next week! Dueces!


Check The Chalk – Central Bistro


Good Morning Brunchers,

I want to call this a hidden gem but its definitely not hidden.  Central Bistro is exposed for everyone to see on Central street just in Lohi down from Ale House.  I call this a hidden gem because you don’t hear of it being a brunch place especially with Root Down, a brunch “hot spot” right down the road.  Central Bistro has amazing food and their brunch is second to none.  Its a great place to go especially on a nice day to grab some endless mimosas on the patio with a great view.

My favorite dish on the brunch menu has to be the French Toast or the Smoked Salmon Flatbread….. Seriously amazing.  Their French Toast comes with whipped cream and toasted coconut, enough said.  Central is a great location not only for the view of downtown Denver but also to tee you up for a great day after brunch.  If you catch this place in the summer on a Saturday morning you can walk to the farmers market, or on a day like today, head down to Prost Brewery after your morning brunch and continue your day drinking there.  Also just west of Central are some shops and small boutiques, easy area to walk off all the calories you just took in.

I’ll be hitting Central up tomorrow morning but if you’re looking for a great place to go today or tomorrow check out Central Bistro in Lohi!!!

Happy Brunching,


Two Guys Mile High: Dude, Don’t Be Such A Gaper, Bro!

Image result for denver native vs transplant

So Sam and I had a conversation about how not to look like a transplant in Denver since it’s such a touchy topic these days…

Steven: Daaammmnnn, Samuel!  Whattup!  We were drunkenly chatting after recording the podcast one night about a topic that I think we should address here.  How would one go about not looking like a transplant in Denver?

Sam: First up, make a blog introduction just like this one.
But really… this is a good question.
As a proud-to-not-look-like-a-transplant living in Denver, my first thought when blending in with the locals is as much Colorado flag shit as possible
Like, wrap myself head to toe in CO gear.
Like a burka.
Locals can see in your face if you’re a transplant. Continue reading “Two Guys Mile High: Dude, Don’t Be Such A Gaper, Bro!”

Check the Chalk – Steuben’s

check-the-chalkSteuben’s is a fun hip diner in a few locations but I am talking about the Uptown location today.  This was actually the first place I went to in Denver years ago and it still remains one of my favorites.  This place has amazing food, service and diners!

My favorites here are on the more unhealthier side but who cares about health when its Brunch time.  Their Cast Iron French Toast is in my opinion their best item.  In a close second comes the scratch biscuits & sausage gravy.  Being from Iowa, I feel I might be a little picky on my B&G’s but theirs pass with flying colors.

The uptown neighborhood is one of my favorites as well.  Stop in to Steuben’s and eat some great food then drink till you feel happy.  Once you feel you can finally leave the table, stop next door to their sister restaurant “Ace” and burn off your breakfast by playing some ping pong.  If ping pong isn’t what you are looking for, there are plenty of spots to hit up in the area.  This post comes a little late, but that is where I am headed tomorrow so check out Steuben’s today or tomorrow and have a great weekend!

Happy Brunching!!


Check the Chalk – The Hornet


Great drink specials and awesome location equal a buzzin (see what I did there) good time!!!  The Hornet sits on South Broadway, one of my favorite strips in town.  Main reason to go hit up brunch here is that you have the rest of your day set for bar hopping or even do some drunk shopping.

I have to say that my favorite dish here is the French Kissed Toast!!!  Amazeballs!  It comes with pecan wood smoked bacon, potatoes and topped with banana bourbon syrup!  Sound delish??? well it is!  Also what I love about this place is that they might not have an all you can drink special but their prices are just as good.  You can get a build your own bloody for ONLY $2.00…. yes that is not a typo.  Also their mimosa’s are ONLY $3.00.  This is worth going to the hornet alone!  Just make sure you don’t have anything important to do later because you will be leaving feeling top shelf!

Looking for a good place to go today or tomorrow, make The Hornet your starting point!

Happy Brunching!


Check the Chalk – Luciles


This was my first brunch ever since living in Colorado, so I have a special place in my heart for this one.  From the crowd hanging outside waiting in line for their name to be called to the amazing famous buttermilk biscuit, this place is like a small town breakfast place in a big city.  A little good home cooking for the belly!!

Let’s talk about the food though… The buttermilk biscuits are AMAZING…. and that’s not being over played.  You get some jelly on those bad boys and it becomes heaven in your mouth.  I also highly recommend getting the Eggs Eisenhower, only because that’s what I got my first time but I have heard the rest of their menu is to die for!!!  They have great drinks here as well which will definitely help excel into your Saturday or Sunday fun day.

It’s also placed in the perfect part of town with a lot to walk to around the neighborhood.  You can always check out our site to see the local breweries or other bars in town that you can walk to.  Make this your place to go this weekend.  I know I’ll be there for sure, stuffing my face with the biscuits!!!

Happy Brunching,


Check the Chalk – Denver Biscuit Company

Screenshot 2016-05-20 13.38.07

Definitely expect a line at this place but also understand that it’s extremely worth it.  The best thing about waiting in line here is that they have the COOOLEST coffee mugs that you get to choose from for your coffee.  Not sure why that excites me so much but it’s just what makes this place Unique.

Also making this place unique is of course their biscuits, since it is the Denver Biscuit Company.  I would say that my two favorite things on the menu have to be the Biscuit French Toast and of course the Biscuits and gravy.  If you are wanting something closer to a pastry then please try the biscuit cinnamon roll.  It’s about the size of the monitor you are reading this blog on…… Ok, maybe not that big depending how big your monitor is, but just know its HUGE!  Of course just like all places wash all the amazing food down with a mimosa, bloody mary or many other drinks.

This is a staple that I recommend everyone try at least once while being in Denver.  Once you have it you’ll be back!!

Happy Brunching and enjoy!